Ursula Ulmer, graduated from the Zurich C. G. Jung Institute in 1970. She was co-president of ISAPZurich, where she is now Director of Admissions, teacher, training analyst and supervisor. Her main topics of interest are interpretation of fairy tales and ethical questions related to the practice of analysis. She maintains a private practice in Zurich. In the early 2000s she lived for 8 years in Cape Town, South Africa, where she worked with HIV counselors in the townships. She has two sons and two grandsons.

1 DVD – 59 MINUTES – English

Produced and Directed – Luis Moris ©  2016
Camera and Sound – Franck Guillemain
Editing – Franck Guillemain and Luis Moris
Music – Rodney Waters

The Serie includes conversations with :
Andreas SchweizerBernard SartoriusJohn HillKathrin AsperMurray SteinPaul BrutschePeter AmmannUrsula UlmerUrsula Wirtz

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