Bernard Sartorius


Bernard Sartorius received his degree in theology from the University of Geneva in 1965 and worked for several years as a protestant minister, first in a parish and then in youth work. He graduated from C. G. Jung Institute 1974, and he is now a training analyst and supervisor at ISAPZurich. He has published several essays on the topic of Analytical Psychology and religion.

1 DVDEnglish

Produced and Directed – Luis Moris ©  2016
Camera and Sound – Franck Guillemain
Editing – Franck Guillemain and Luis Moris
Music – Rodney Waters

The Serie includes conversations with :
Andreas SchweizerBernard SartoriusJohn HillKathrin AsperMurray SteinPaul BrutschePeter AmmannUrsula UlmerUrsula Wirtz

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